Our Case Study demonstrates the performance of our Keyword Targeted Traffic and crucial tips on how you can get the most from our service.

Case Study – Keyword Traffic Plan

Transparency in business is important to us at PPCYes and we strive to always give our clients the best information to get results with our service. How many Traffic Delivery companies do you know that offers this?

Action speaks louder than words, and with that in mind we thought it was important for us to demonstrate not only that our delivered traffic are from REAL PEOPLE, but that if you optimize your site or landing page correctly, you will see results.

The following Case Study is based on an optimized landing page with a simple opt-in form which redirects to a basic CPA (Cost Per Action) offer.

PLAN: Keyword Traffic

SITE: A CPA offer for an online Star Trek game.



*Please select HD 1080p for High Definition and apologies for the sound!

Traffic Tips

Follow these crucial tips to get the best out of our Keyword, Premium and Adult Traffic Plans:

  • When visitors see your page, you have just seconds to grab their attention. Make sure the purpose of your site if clearly seen instantly via ‘Headlines’ and ‘Images’.

  • If you are an affiliate using bridge pages or opt-in forms, be sure to A/B test and optimize your page first to ensure you have a good conversion rate before sending traffic to it.

  • When using our Keyword Traffic Plan, take time to do the relevant Keyword Research to get the best list of Keywords that fit your website or landing page. You can use Google’s free Keyword Planner to find a minimum of 20 related keywords with a high monthly search result.

  • Remember with our Keyword Traffic Plan, the keywords chosen are ‘broad terms’ only through our system so make sure they relate to your business or service. We normally review your list and fine tune when necessary. If you prefer us to do the research, we are happy to do this to ensure you get the best possible results.

  • We have many clients that want to ‘test’ our service and purchase 10,000 visitors and spread across 2, 3 or 4 days. This Case Study proves that campaigns need time to optimize, just like any other advertising service (Facebook Advertising, Google Adwords and Bing). We recommend a minimum of 7 days to run campaigns.


While PPCYES would love for all our clients to get outstanding results with our service, as stated in our TERMS OF SERVICE, we can only guarantee delivery of the traffic you paid for. Please read these terms before placing an order.